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        The "taper-sleeve locking steel bar splicing technology" developed by the company has completely independent intellectual property rights, and has obtained more than ten invention patents, a large number of utility model patents, and invention patent authorizations from dozens of countries and regions in Europe and the United States.

            This product has passed the "anti-large aircraft collision test" (ie, the instantaneous impact load test) of the German BAM laboratory and the 2 million fatigue tests conducted by the Russian national laboratory in accordance with EU standards, and can meet the design requirements of nuclear power nuclear island containment. .

            The splicing technology has an international leading level in construction quality, construction methods, safety and environmental protection, etc. The company is committed to initiating the formulation of national and international standards for the overall construction technology of reinforced modularization. It has carried out a number of technical and market cooperation with China Academy of Building Research and China Machinery Research Institute, hired a number of researcher-level senior engineers as technical consultants, and focused on product serialization and cost optimization. In the future, there will be a broad market development space in many engineering fields such as nuclear power plants, tunnels, rail transit, municipal engineering, high-speed rail, and construction PCs.

        All staff of Qingdao Forest Metal Products Co., Ltd. will welcome domestic and foreign merchants to negotiate business with the company with high-quality products and sincere service, and jointly create a bright future for steel bar connection technology and building construction industrialization!